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005 – Happiness is Transferred and not Created

Hinted Neuron July 31, 2020

Hinted Neuron
005 - Happiness is Transferred and not Created
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I like to think that the idea of creating your own happiness might be unreal.
To explain this let me remind you of the law of conversation of energy.

“Energy can never be created or destroyed but can be transferred from one form to another”

If you think of happiness as energy and the soul as a separate entity, it means when you add happiness to the soul you’ve added some kind of energy to it.

Then it would be wrong to say that you’ve created your own happiness because it is incoherent with the law.
The energy added to the soul cannot be created by the same soul, It has to come from somewhere. It means there has been an “other” that transfers the energy to create happiness in you.
This “other” can be anything food, music, another soul or a host of other things

If we hold this view that happiness has to come from an “other”, is also coherent with the transfer of energy, if someone/something transferred happiness to you, you can also transfer this happiness to another thing or person.

If we also think of sadness as an energy, then you’d agree with me that a rational person wouldn’t create sadness for themself, it can only be transferred to them. the same way sadness isn’t created by the soul is the same way happiness isn’t. They are both energies that are transferred to the soul.

This might mean that happiness flows from one thing/person to another “thing/person” and not something thats created inherently.
You might get angry here when I say happiness is being transferred to a “thing” since a “thing” can’t necessarily feel happy due to the fact that it’s not conscious, but a “thing” can definitely give you happiness.
Although even if a thing can’t feel happiness, Happiness can still be transferred to it.

Take a hypothetical scenario.

If I have a bunch of flowers that give me happiness, I would want to water them and make them look fresh for a longer time in that way I’ve transferred happiness to that flower, even though they might not feel it.
You might even begin to see that he more the flower stays fresh & pretty the happier I also become, this a reinforcement of happiness, caused by a relationship with metal benefits.

This also happens in our lives as humans if someones give you happiness, You also tend to make them happy and in return the more happiness they give you.

This flow of happiness is everywhere in nature and if we can see the world like this, we can always be filled with happiness since it’s all around us.

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