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004 – Human Psychology for Sales, Part 2

Hinted Neuron July 29, 2020

Hinted Neuron
004 - Human Psychology for Sales, Part 2
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You need to stand out:

I believe that you can’t decide how others will perceive you. You can totally only influence it.

You’d agree with me that there’s a lot of noise these days, I mean just look at social media and the way people are fighting to get your attention with all the trash in the world. there so much noise that people are beginning to ignore so much and have trained themselves filter.

Recruiters receive almost a thousand Job applications for every job they post and they have to use software to filter them.

on average only 1 in 100 startups get funded by Venture capitalists.

People are always trying to filter away what they think is noise and focus on the better. So the first question you need to ask yourself is How do I not become noise? How do I stand out?

I’m a big believer in asking oneself these hard questions, the more of these questions we can answer the more effective we make our sales

Be convincing:

Consider Alice and Bob who are entrepreneurs, if you ask them how much they made last month and Alice tell you $10,000 while Bob tells you $10, 629

Who sounds more convincing? Well, you guessed right it’s Bob. Its highly unlikely that someone into business made a flat $10,000.

These are techniques you need to consider especially when you’re selling information, you need to sound convincing and real, that way people what to give you their attention.

If you raise doubt in people by sounding or looking unconvincing you won’t make the sale.

If I have doubts you’re talented enough to work at my company, I’ll choose someone else.

If I doubt that you’re the kind of person I can spend a long time with, I’ll definitely look elsewhere.

Now I’m not saying you should be dishonest but always try to be creative with how you talk or write that make people want to be interested

Always know the “why

Why should people buy?

But really why should people buy?

If I go to a store and I purchase something. I could be buying me because it’s a basic necessity or it looks nice or maybe it can be useful some other time.

This is the question we need to ask when going about our daily life, why should people spend time with me, why should people invest in me, why should people listen to me.

It’s great to know the purpose of what you’re selling either yourself, the service, the product of the information.

If you don’t know the purpose of something then it’ll be hard for you to sell it.

People are often too stuck about listing all the “What’s” and not talking about the “Why”

You remember that famous phrase among salespeople “Sell me this pen”.

A novice seller would just continue going on and on about the features of the pen.

But a person who really knows what they’re doing would instead tell you why you need the pen and also the purpose of that pen.

If you ask yourself the “why” and you get to know them It’ll help you sell more effectively

Why should this company give me this Job?
Why should 100 people buy my product?
Why should a VC invest $5m in my startup?

If you can answer these questions before going in for an interview or a pitch, I’m pretty sure they can triple your chances if getting you what you want.

Evoke emotion

You can sell with emotions, I mean think of it. People are driven by emotions, most of their attitudes, actions, and desires are triggered by emotions. Its why people use it as a sales tool because it just works.

Think of when you bought that really expensive meal you’ve never tasted before or that gown or jacket that was really unnecessary or maybe that time you give a relatively large amount of cash to a beggar on the road.

Not like those are bad things, but I’m pretty sure that some of those were triggered by emotions you gave into.

I was sitting in church one cold Sunday morning, during the time the pastor was teaching I just felt somehow like my emotions we’re being messed with, I turned to my friend and whispered: “This pastor is a good salesman”. I said that because he was preaching about giving at the time and the way he used words and the tone he sounded in was just the right way to convince almost anybody to empty their pockets at the alter.

I want you to pause for a minute and think about that one time you clicked on an Ad while browsing the Interweb, I’ll wait for you.

Think about what triggered you into clicking the Ad, I mean you skip tens of Ads every day what made that particular one so interesting?

You can draw out these salient points and adopt them for the next time you’re going to sell something.

People use your emotions to sell or coerce you into doing things, this can also be a good or bad thing, but I also think w should all be in a conscious state where we can be able to identify when someone is trying to use our emotions against us.

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