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003 – Human Psychology for Sales, Part 1

Hinted Neuron July 27, 2020

Hinted Neuron
003 - Human Psychology for Sales, Part 1
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Human psychology should be a required understanding for every person on Earth.

I say so because everything single thing you do boils down to sales and to make good sales you have to understand human psychology.

Whether you’re looking for a job, looking for admission, looking for investors/funding for your startup, running a daily business or you’re looking for a partner (business or marriage)

You’re either selling yourself, selling a product, selling information, or selling a service.

To me the highest form is “selling yourself”, that’s the one everybody is involved in, that’s why people have résumé, portfolio websites, social media profiles e.t.c.

If you’re looking for a job you try to sell yourself to the employer and make them believe you’re the best candidate

If you’re looking for a partner you try to sell yourself to the person you’re interested in, so they see you as worthy.

If you want to contest for a position, you try to model yourself so more people like and support you.

All the above are examples of selling yourself, of course, you can still think of countless scenarios.

Understanding human psychology plays a big role in your sales skill.

But if you can answer these question then it means you actually know what you’re doing when it comes to sales.

What drives them?
What moves them?
What alters their thinking?
How do they react to variable X or Y?

Being able to answer these questions for the niche/people you’re selling to goes a long way.

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